About Statements of Work (SOW)

A Statement of Work (SOW) is an ordered list of requirements and the work necessary to fulfill them for purposes of managing organized work. It is usually purchased at least in part. Very simple SOW’s that add nothing to some predecessor document are of questionable use.

SOW’s for ERP projects are far more complex than more general task lists that are often also called SOW’s. SOW’s must grant authority to perform work and to spend money doing it. They may do other things as well but if they don’t authorize work and expenditure, they’re not really SOW’s.

ERP SOW’s differ from many other genuine, complex SOW’s in that the latter, complex though they may be, often describe well understood work processes undertaken for well understood reasons; consider, for instance, that a SOW for building a conventional power plant is likely to be quite complex but does not need to explain what the plant is for, how it will be used, or unexpected, non-obvious ways that it might come to be viewed as a failure.