How our approach works.

We call our approach the Abstract Business System Description. The Abstract Business System Description documents how a company operates transaction by  transaction in every business process within a company. When completed the Abstract Business System Description describes the ‘as is’ state of a company and is stored in a reusable database that is easily updated or modified when a process or processes for how the business operates  changes along with the business requirements that must support those changes. Completing the work of describing and documenting how a business operates/works becomes the ‘as is’ state of the business.

Storing the ‘as is’ state of the business in our database allows it to be updated or changed dramatically, and then stored as a ‘to be’ version of the business. This is similar to having engineering change orders (ECO) in manufacturing. This approach insures the tracking of improvements to a company’s business processes and having the requirements that support those improvements available for most any kind of project, especially enterprise software acquisition and implementation projects.