Our approach is implemented by people within the using company…

Our approach is implemented by the people within the using company who understand how their business operates and works, better than any consulting firm or software seller ever could.

The value of our approach: It describes and documents how a business operates and works—business transaction by business transaction. The deliverable derived from completing the work of our approach is a statement of work (SOW). The SOW is presented to consulting firms, internal or external software architects and developers, or software providers to ensure they know precisely what the company expects from a software technology project.

The smaller and more local a software replacement project is, the more important it is to identify its business context precisely, to describe the software’s scope and requirements in terms of the overall flow of work within the company – almost all of which will be external to the software itself. The narrower and more limited the scope of the software, the greater the extent to which the business requirements that software must fulfill will lie outside the boundaries of the software itself.

The benefit of our approach: It’s in completing the work of how a company’s business operates and works—business transaction by business transaction. This work only has to be done once because the results can be stored in a reusable and maintainable database. The reusable database ensures a company is always ready for new projects it may initiate—software or otherwise.