What buyers must do to insure a project’s success…

Buyers must be able to tell software sellers or consultants precisely how they  expect some software system to fit into how their business operates and works-business transaction by business transaction. Buyers must tell sellers precisely how the software will be used and what it will do for the people who will use it and what the people who will use it will get from it that they won’t be able to get without it.

Sellers must  be able to work from a document that precisely details these things or project failure is inevitable. Success in these kinds of projects means companies themselves must understand precisely how their business operates and works before they initiate any kind of a project–especially an enterprise software system.  And they must do this before they contact a software seller or consultant.

Take a few minutes to consider what we’re saying by remembering the enterprise software acquisition and implementation projects you or your company may have been involved with in the past. We’re sure your conclusion will support what we’ve been saying, projects initiated without knowing how your business operates and works, in all its areas, will ultimately result in failure. Whether failure is a lot or a little the impact on your company can be dramatic.

Enterprise software project failures can be prevented! Contact Adaptive Growth to learn more about an approach that ensures success for enterprise software acquisition and implementation projects, business process improvement strategies, re-engineering, product design or improving your company’s day-to-day operations, but is not restricted to them.