Some words about ensuring success.

Because of the benefits the specific kind of Statement of Work (SOW) our approach delivers your company, using our product, will deliver to sellers a document that describes precisely how your business operates and works–business transaction by business transaction. The SOW delivered to sellers (consultants or software sellers) is derived  from our product’s reusable and maintainable database to ensure sellers understand precisely how your business operates and works. There will be no need for those lengthy consultant engagements that cost companies thousands of dollars to develop and thousands of additional dollars for the change orders that become necessary to align some software system’s functionality to the business requirements necessary for your business to run as it should.

Adaptive Growth’s approach, that your company does itself, prevents sellers (consultants, ERP vendors and solution providers) from imposing a buying process that’s over 45 years old. Our approach that your company does itself prevents sellers from using a consulting or sales methodology that has perpetuated the failures the continue to occur in over 65% of all enterprise software acquisition and implementation projects.

If your company is planning on initiating a project to replace or upgrade its current enterprise software system in 2018, and before it contacts a consultant, ERP vendor or solution provider take one hour of your time to learn about how you can ensure that your next project delivers the expected results.

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