The reason why implementation projects are so expensive.

The reason why implementation projects are so expensive is because companies don’t understand how a new software system will be expected to fit into their company as a whole. Most companies continue to allow sellers (consultants, ERP vendors and solution providers) to tell them how their business should operate and work by imposing a buying process that’s over 45 years old and is the root cause for failure. It is the traditional buying process that buyers use that allows sellers (consultants, ERP vendors and solution providers) to impose a buying process that doesn’t describe and document how your business operates and works–business transaction by business transaction.

You would think after all these years and the experiences of tier one consulting firms and ERP sellers these kinds of projects would not continue to fail at a rate of over sixty-five percent (65%) costing companies  like yours billions of dollars annually to get what they thought they initially bought. However, there is an approach your company does itself that prevents those failures from occurring.

If your company is planning on initiating a project to replace or upgrade its current enterprise software system in 2018, and before it contacts a consultant, ERP vendor or solution provider take one hour of your time to learn about how you can ensure that your next project delivers the expected results by contacting Adaptive Growth.

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