Most projects fail, especially ERP because…

…most companies really don’t understand themselves!


When we at Adaptive Growth say (as we often do) that most companies don’t really understand themselves, what we mean is that they can rarely describe the company in terms that will give software technology providers an accurate picture of how a new software system will be expected to fit into their company as a whole. Until a company learns how to do that, the usability and fitness of the software it acquires will tend to be hit or miss.


Companies usually don’t know what they’re asking for when they set out to acquire a new piece of business software. The result is these kinds of projects usually exceed their budget and expected completion dates by 20% to 200%. This happens because most companies historically don’t dedicate the resources and the time (like they do for anything else they might make or buy) to describe and document how their business operates and works before they initiate an enterprise software acquisition and implementation project, or contact a consulting firm or a software vendor.


If your company is planning on initiating an enterprise software evaluation, acquisition, and implementation project (our focus); developing business process improvement strategies; new market development strategies; a new product design or improving the company’s day-to-day operational life in 2018, and before it contacts a consulting firm, ERP vendor or solution provider take one hour of time to learn how your company can ensure its next project delivers on the expected results, by contacting Adaptive Growth.


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