Who needs an  approach that ensures success in enterprise software projects?

  • Companies who want to ensure success in their next project—especially enterprise software projects.
  • Companies having newer ERP systems that were acquired or implemented hastily, resulting in unmet expectations.
  • Companies who need to adapt their ERP processes to major changes in their business or industry (actual or planned).

How a company can ensure success in its next enterprise software project using the Adaptive Growth approach:

  • By dedicating the time and resources to understand how the business actually operates and works as a whole.
  • By using a detailed approach that your company does itself to describe and document how the business operates and works, business transaction by business transaction, in plain, detailed business language
  • By storing the results of how the business operates and works in a reusable and maintainable database.

Adaptive Growth’s approach addresses the current and great demand for a solution to ERP project failures.

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