Objectives must be fully spelled out prior to the initial contact between buyer and seller.

All the metrics used to determine project performance and the quality of the implementers’ work, none comes close in importance to staying on budget and schedule. These metrics are seldom met because very few (if any) of those perfectly met milestones corresponded in the slightest degree to any of the buyer’s critical expectations for the system.

A book could be written about this – a very long book, full of seemingly endless examples. Nobody would dispute a word of it, many people would quote it, but it wouldn’t change anything in the end.

All that’s required to change this whole mode of doing business is to offer the implementer a set of well defined, concrete project milestones that, if met, must result in delivery of the system that the buyer actually wants. But this can’t happen unless these requirements for user satisfaction are known and stated at the point of initial contact and reinforced in the contract that guarantees payment. No implementer, anywhere, will ever agree to accept such conditions after contracts have been signed. But implementation firms  are in business to sell hours, and if they’re allowed – let alone required – to quote the hours necessary for actually meeting the buyer’s actual goals, most will jump at the chance.

But this is all a pleasant fairy tale unless those actual goals are fully spelled out prior to the initial contact between buyer and seller.

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