Why companies continue to allow failures to occur in enterprise software projects. 

Most projects fail, especially enterprise software acquisition and implementation projects, because companies don’t understand how a new software system will be expected to fit into their company as a whole. Most companies continue to allow sellers (consultants, ERP vendors and solution providers) to tell them how their business should operate and work by imposing a buying process that’s over 45 years old and is a root cause for failure.

The reason is really simple to understand. Companies still use the traditional buying process for enterprise software systems because they believe they don’t have the capabilities or skills to evaluate and acquire an enterprise software system—especially ERP.  This thinking is wrong-headed because its only companies themselves that can determine and describe the business requirements a software system must have, or allow to be done if their business is to run as it should.

Adaptive Growth’s has a solution for enterprise software project failures. Our solution describes and documents how a business operates and works–business transaction by business transaction. The work is stored in a reusable and maintainable database so it only has to be done once.  

Adaptive Growth’s approach addresses the current and great demand for a solution to ERP project failures.

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