All ERP implementers have their proprietary implementation methodologies.

It is important to note that all ERP implementers have their proprietary implementation methodologies; it is true that your company will end up selecting and hiring one such implementer, and it is true that (left to their own devices) every implementer will claim that its methodology is a more than adequate substitute for our approach to evaluating, acquiring and implementing an enterprise software system.

It is important to understand that our approach does not constitute a methodology of any kind and especially not an implementation methodology. It is not the purpose of our approach to either support or subvert such things. Our approach, almost without exception, deals in matters that fall outside of what pass for implementation methodologies. It must be noted that this approach has nothing to do whatsoever with some software system. Our approach is about how a business operates and works, business transaction by business transaction, so that consultants and software sellers know precisely what a software system must do or allow to be done if a business is to run as it should.

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