The seminar introduces a different kind of approach for gathering the business requirements for enterprise software evaluation, acquisition, implementation or development projects that insures their success.

Explains why enterprise software is different from other business software

Explains the importance of understanding ‘the systems of the whole’ in enterprise software requirements gathering

Why the requirements gathering process for enterprise software projects has to be fundamentally different

Explains the importance of requirements vs. business requirements in the context of this approach

Understanding the difference between business requirements and functional requirements and their effect on a project’s success

Why critical expectations are usually missed or ignored

Why the traditional buying process is the root cause of failures in enterprise software projects

Outlines the solution for the undetected business requirements that prevent success in enterprise software projects.

How new enterprise software projects use this uniquely different business requirements gathering approach

Explains what this business requirements gathering approach replaces

Explains what this approach does and how it works

The cost savings of having business requirements stored in a reusable database for all future projects

Explains the approach’s deliverable, a unique kind of statement of work (SOW) that is completed by a company’s own internal resources