We conduct seminars that address the undetected business requirements that prevent success in company-wide or enterprise-wide software evaluation, acquisition, implementation, or development projects. Our seminars teach a radically different approach for requirements gathering from traditional requirements gathering methods.

The seminar introduces attendees to the Abstract Business System Description, a radically different approach to business requirements gathering. The Abstract Business System Description is a full account of how a business works—business transaction by business transaction.

The Abstract Business System Description’s approach was developed to eliminate or vastly reduce failures and the unexpected costs that occur in enterprise software projects—especially ERP. The Abstract Business System Description’s approach insures using businesses success in projects to evaluate, acquire and implement or develop business software systems—especially ERP.

The seminar explains that the benefits derived from completing the Abstract Business System Description are not just limited to software projects, it can be used in conjunction with business process improvement strategies, re-engineering, product design projects or other aspects of a company’s day-to-day business, but is not restricted to them.

Attendees will learn that the work of the Abstract Business System Description can be stored in a reusable database. A major benefit of the reusable database is it eliminates the cost and time required to re-state requirements for each new project that needs the information necessary for how a business works.

The seminar explains how the Abstract Business System Description’s deliverable, a statement-of-work (SOW), can save companies thousands of dollars in consulting fees and unmet expectations.

The seminar is offered at a client’s site or at an off-site facility with several companies in attendance.