RPA works along side of an ERP system.

 In Robotic Process Automation

An ERP solution has a certain level of automation built into the system out of the box. Most organizations have probably upgraded to an ERP system to automate, streamline processes, and integrate record-keeping systems. Using a robotic process automation (RPA)  solution alongside an ERP system takes this process optimization further by automating the tedious, repetitive parts of managing an ERP system.

For example, in financial resource management companies can say goodbye to typos that lead to huge problems, like paying invoices late or charging the wrong customer. A software robot can handle data entry, which eliminates errors. That means having accurate data in the system, and employees won’t be doing boring data entry all day.

With automated report generation, companies can keep the right people informed and achieve greater insight into the numbers. RPA bots can handle tasks like exporting a nightly report out of an ERP system, converting to an Excel file, and emailing it to the right people. Less hassle + greater accuracy = better business decisions.

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