A Use Case Success Story in the Trucking Industry

 In Robotic Process Automation

PITT OHIO offers a premium level of service to a select group of shippers. Among the services their premium customers receive is the ability to request pick-ups by email. To support this benefit, Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) manually re-keyed shipment details from the original email into their internal scheduling application. To confirm the pick-up date and time, a CSR had to log in to the shipper’s portal and re-key the response.

Robotic process automation delivered remarkable productivity gains, enabling PITT OHIO to expand the scope of their premium service, and increased their revenue at minimal cost. By eliminating manual website updates, PITT OHIO reclaimed 90—95% of a CSR’s time for higher-value work. Robotic automation eliminated 100% of the cost of routine B2B portal updates, and costly transcription errors have been eliminated.

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