Ask these questions when considering Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for your business.

 In Robotic Process Automation

Are your employees constantly copying and pasting information between internal systems and business portals? Significant process improvement opportunities exist where employees are constantly copying and pasting data between portals, websites, applications, spreadsheets or email. If you are relying on manual data entry to ensure your information is accurate and that multiple systems are all up to date, chances are the work is not being completed on-time and key services you provide to your customers are being impacted.

Do you have highly paid knowledge workers dedicated to time-consuming administrative tasks? If critical customer-oriented projects are being put on the back burner because your resources are tied up with manual, low-level tasks, then that’s a clear productivity loss for your company. Being busy is not the same as being productive, and you want your employees to focus their talents beyond time-consuming manual tasks.

If you changed a policy or procedure, do you know how it would impact your business processes? Use process performance information to make strategic decisions about how to optimize your workforce. Process intelligence provides in-depth, end-to-end visibility and monitoring of your business processes for a holistic view of your operational performance and compliance, and can help you identify new revenue opportunities.

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