Obstacles to Achieving Automated Operations

 In Robotic Process Automation

The benefits of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are higher productivity, reliability, availability, increased performance, and reduced operating costs. RPA works unattended 24 hours a day yielding a good return on investment.

The benefits of RPA systems can be a powerful motive for increasing service to your customers and users. However, it’s not an easy task. There are many pitfalls and many obstacles to overcome.

People always find excuses not to do something. A recent survey of IT operators asked why they hadn’t automated some of their repetitive tasks with automation and RPA. Answers ranged from the expected to the uninformed. The common answers were no money, no time, no coding expertise (not required), or no staff.

Some sample responses:

“We do not have the budget and are not familiar with the RPA options available in the market.”

“Too little time and numerous issues that we would need to address.”

“Not necessary—We’re in the process of writing our own code.” In most cases referring to application program interfaces (API’s).

Of the companies surveyed, 43% have identified and placed operations automation projects on their calendar. That means that 57% of these companies have not recognized the potential advantages of automation.

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