What Adaptive Growth Sells and Implements

 In Robotic Process Automation

Adaptive Growth sells & implements a powerful yet easy to use automation software product that is a complete, all-in-one system for the development, deployment, management and automation of simple to elaborate business and IT processes. It provides all the necessary tools to transform and combine on-premise servers, cloud resources, and end-point devices. Its intuitive, drag-and-drop based graphical interface (windows like) replaces the traditional model of legacy batch files or scripts and provides businesses of all sizes with a true rapid-development platform for streamlining business operations that requires no programming knowledge to use and maintain. This product raises the bar when it comes to functionality, ease of use and cost efficiency as compared to other systems that are either complicated to use, very expensive, or both. It is the only product of its kind that offers the power and robustness typically found in large enterprise systems along with the simplicity found in smaller systems with much less functionality.

The product’s basic building blocks are called actions & activities, which are plain-English, drag-and-drop, fill-in-the-blank objects developers use to construct a series of steps which collectively make up the task. Actions and activities range from running a program, opening a web page, sending keystrokes to an application, executing a database query, uploading or downloading and much more! Decision making, looping and other powerful flow control actions as well as support for variables, constants and expressions are all built-in to the product’s powerful yet easy to use AML (Automation Markup Language) framework. In addition, an assortment of triggers allows tasks to start on a time-based schedule or as a result of a variety of system events or conditions that occur.

If you’re interested in knowing more about how this product can benefit your company email jfrano@adaptivegrowth.com to schedule a phone call to determine if this automation product can improve productivity and efficiency, and reduce the operating expenses in your business.