Reduce operational cost with Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

 In Robotic Process Automation

Adaptive Growth will be posting a string of blogs regarding the benefits and the operational cost reductions RPA can offer your company. Hopefully you’ll find the time to review them. But first; allow me to provide you with Adaptive Growth’s credentials. We have been implementing business process improvement software solutions for manufacturing and distribution companies since 1980. The expertise we gained from the experience of implementing over 500 software systems, especially ERP, taught us that projects fail when expectations are not described and documented as critical business requirements.

What differentiates Adaptive Growth (AGI) from other sellers and implementers of RPA is our unique approach to requirements gathering. Software projects usually fail because most companies don’t accurately describe the project’s expectations as business requirements. Companies selling RPA want to sell its benefits, which are numerous, however the most important decision your company will make is based on the expertise and experience the seller has regarding how your business works, business transaction by business transaction along with knowing the questions that must be asked to ensure the project’s critical business expectations are documented as business requirements.

If you’re interested in reducing operating expenses and enjoy the benefits of growing your business without the associated costs of hiring new employees then email ASAP to schedule a phone call about how RPA can improve productivity and efficiency, while reducing the operating expenses in your business.