Robotic Process Automation (RPA) improves efficiency in managing the supply chain.

 In Robotic Process Automation

The inventory management process is vital within manufacturing and lies at the base of supply chain management. Manufacturing companies that want to improve efficiency and accuracy to meet inventory management demands, it is important they are able to get real-time alerts regarding inventory levels, especially for critical items.

The following functions can be automated with RPA in inventory management:

  • Monitoring inventory with real time alerts
  • Generating real-time notifications about stock levels (no need to run a program)
  • Unattended real time reorder point notifications

Inventory management functions can be carried out with minimal or no user intervention. The implementation of RPA will manage critical inventory levels, strategic vendors and their delivery dates. RPA generated reports will keep your buyers up-to the minute regarding inventory levels for those critical inventory items in your company’s supply chain. RPA can eliminate the disruptions within your company’s supply chain and enable improved responsiveness for your customers.

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