Improved efficiency in vendor communication with RPA.

 In Robotic Process Automation

Manufacturers still experience an immense amount of manual effort communicating with their vendors. It’s in the day-to-day business of communicating with these vendors and the work necessary in the company’s purchasing department; such as the various queries including tracking the status of shipping goods in the company’s ERP system, sending updates to customers, and closing out PO’s.

The following is an example how RPA can do the entire process:

  • Open emails
  • Read the email text
  • Download the attachments
  • Logging into the company’s ERP system
  • Check inventory availability
  • Determine shipment status
  • Reply to a customer

RPA automation streamlines the PO process, increases the efficiency and reduces the manual errors as well as rework time and it leads to quality enhancement in operational performance and data processing.

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