Delivering on the promise of digital transformation!

 In Robotic Process Automation

Delivering on the promise of digital transformation with an intelligent automation platform requires the ability to harness both structured and unstructured data. But not all data is created the same.


Structured data is organized, clearly defined, and searchable, but represents only about 20 percent of the data in each company. Robotic process automation (RPA) excels at structured or quantitative data automation.


More than 80 percent of all data within organizations is unstructured. Unstructured data is typically qualitative. It is difficult to interpret and analyze because it has no pre-defined structure.

The key to unleashing the true power of RPA is through unassisted machine learning that can harness both structured or unstructured data. Automate Intelligent Capture automatically learns data fields on forms by using custom machine learning algorithms without endless hours of building templates. This allows for fast setup of previously unseen forms because the system is learning which document information to capture, getting smarter and better over time. Out of the box, organizations see 70 percent automation, and within just weeks of learning, automation is at more than 95 percent.

Solve Your Biggest Document Process Automation Challenges

  • Easily Manage Document Volume
  • Eliminate the significant time and effort required for processing forms with automatic data capture and extraction.
  • Decrease Errors and Streamline Access
  • Reduce delays and errors in processing documents and ensure accuracy even with multiple locations accessing documents.
  • Meet Regulatory Compliance
  • Adhere to ongoing regulatory requirements and create greater transparency in storing and managing documents with compliance controls.

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