How Automate provides significant and measurable improvements for companies.

 In Robotic Process Automation

You’ll see significant and measurable improvements in a number of areas with Automate RPA:

»Customer satisfaction: By freeing up your customer-service personnel from forms and tabulations, you’re making them all the more available for attentive customer service. You’re also reducing the opportunity for errors. The result is an increase in customer satisfaction and much greater ability to meet the requirements of service-level agreements.

»Productivity: Compared with humans, software robots have been clocked completing the same tasks about five times faster. They also work 24/7 and don’t ask for time off, don’t eat lunch, or don’t visit the restroom. Beyond that obvious increase in productivity related to those tasks, you’ve also freed employees for unstructured problem-solving. You’re increasing their satisfaction and efficiency, and that boosts productivity even further.

»Accuracy: Humans make mistakes. Robots are 100 percent accurate, 100 percent consistent, and 100 percent compliant with policies. The more you turn over to robots, the fewer clerical errors you experience, and the more time you save that used to be spent correcting those errors.

»Resource utilization: Offloading the mundane tasks to robots frees up your team to handle the tasks that add the most value to your business. What’s more, after you’ve turned a portfolio of tasks over to a robotic workforce, you’re more able to respond to a spike in demand or a lull. That’s good for customer service and helps ease HR headaches.

»Return on investment (ROI): All kinds of improvements can yield positive ROI, including both technological advancements and upgrades in your human workforce. What’s notable about your robotic workforce, after you flip the switch, is that your ROI shows up with lightning speed. Your operating costs will drop quickly, and everyone likes ROI that doesn’t take forever to show up on the bottom line.

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