AutoMate is Easy to Use to Reduce a Company’s Operating Expenses:

 In Robotic Process Automation

AutoMate breaks down business processes into visual steps with the use of actions.

  • Actions are the available processes that can be used to build the steps to be carried out when a task is run. AutoMate has over 500 available actions from which to build tasks. These actions are assembled visually (without the use of code) via drag-and-drop in the Task Builder interface. Each action used to construct the task becomes a step in that task. Upon execution, these steps are performed in a sequential order. All related steps, when combined with triggers, are called a task.
  • Tasks are composed of a series of steps based on AutoMate actions. Tasks can be designed to automate any of a very wide spectrum of business processes. An unlimited number of tasks may be created and organized on a single AutoMate installation. A task can also be run automatically by triggers.
    • Triggers are events or conditions that cause a task to run. When a task includes a trigger, it monitors the system for the trigger event (such as a schedule, a file arriving in a designated folder, or a particular event being written to the Windows event log). When the specified system event occurs, AutoMate triggers the execution of the attached task.

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