AutoMate is comprised of three primary components…

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The Task Administrator – It is the central tool used to administer and customize all aspects of AutoMate.

  • The Task Administrator is highly graphical, yet uncluttered, and is only loaded when administering tasks on the local or remote machine
  • The Task Administrator is used to organize tasks, connect to remote AutoMate installations and set task properties
  • In addition, it is used to administer global settings such as the default mail server, default logon properties, database connections and much more.

Task Builder is used to visually assemble AutoMate actions into sequential task steps to be carried out, whether the task is triggered or run manually.

  • This component is also highly graphical, and so is loaded only when designing tasks.
  • Additionally, the Task Builder is fully equipped with a wide variety of debugging tools to easily examine and troubleshoot problem tasks, eventually ensuring maximum reliability when the task is put into production

The Task Service runs as a system service, generally doing the work of launching tasks according to the triggers attached to them.

  • The Task Service has no real interface, uses very little system memory, and runs continuously in the background.
  • It maintains the task database and global application preferences.
  • Additionally, it watches for trigger events, and launches, maintains, and monitors running tasks.

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