Time savings and operational efficiencies using Robotic Process Automation

 In Robotic Process Automation

Time savings and operational efficiencies using Robotic Process Automation:

  • Organizations can gain efficiencies by diverting repetitive, mundane tasks to bots. This allows organizations to use their human employees for higher-value work while ensuring faster, error-free processes.
  • Compliance and data quality/accuracy: Using bots for processes that determine regulatory compliance or require clean data (including across multiple disparate systems) eliminates the potential for human error and ensures accuracy. For example, a banking bot can improve quality by 99%, by reducing errors.
  • You can calculate the ROI from improved compliance in a number of ways, depending on your individual business:
    • comparing the dollar amount of penalty fines paid out before and after bots;
    • comparing how many chargebacks occurred before and after bots; or
    • comparing how many insurance claims were denied before and after bots

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