The benefits RPA can provide in the current Supply Chain Crisis

 In Robotic Process Automation

The inventory management process is vital for manufacturing and distribution companies in the current supply chain crisis. Manufacturing and distribution companies must be ‘on top’ of their supply chain to satisfy distribution and manufacturing demands. It is important they are able to get real-time alerts regarding shipments from their vendors, especially overseas.

A manufacturing or distribution company can immediately get information about the status of products within their supply chain with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) regarding:

  • Shipment status with real time alerts
  • Generating real-time notifications about stock levels (no need to run a program)
  • Unattended real time reorder point notifications

These functions can be carried out with minimal or no manual intervention. In addition, the implementation of our RPA platform automatically creates a detailed audit trail. RPA generated reports and live dashboards providing details about business patterns as well as internal workings, which can uncover potential challenges. These insights can eliminate the disruptions within the supply chain and enable process improvement and optimization.

Today with many components/products being built overseas manufacturers and distributors are experiencing an immense amount of consternation with their overseas vendors, especially those in China. It’s in the day-to-day business of communicating with these vendors and knowing the lead-times necessary for production or distribution that is so necessary to maintain good customer relations. Such as; knowing and tracking the status of products or materials being shipped to your company that enables keeping your customers informed, which is a tremendous benefit for good customer relations.

RPA automation will keep your business ‘out-front’ in a critical supply chain crisis. Find out the impact Robotic Process Automation can provide to your supply chain by contacting