Is Robotics Process Automation (RPA) on your company’s radar for 2022?

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) should already be on your company’s radar when it comes to its technology initiatives. It’s an ideal candidate to achieve greater efficiencies in how the company does its daily business. With various paths and platforms available to achieve automation, in this blog Adaptive Growth explores the value that RPA can bring to your company. The benefits to your business and your employees can be massive. To understand those benefits the question becomes — how to calculate return on investment (ROI) for RPA?

Before going into the details of ROI for RPA, it is important to understand the types of tasks RPA is best suited to address.

RPA takes over repetitive tasks that consume 85% of employees time. These tasks are often clerical or data management functions. These tasks are important to the everyday operation of a business, and mistakes in these tasks can be costly.

Rule-based tasks

Clearly defined, rule-based tasks with very few exceptions to their rules are ideal for initial RPA integration. These tasks do not require much human decision-making to accomplish — tasks like searching for and exporting data.

Labor-intensive tasks

Tasks that require employees to spend more than an hour to complete are prime candidates for automation. Labor-intensive tasks are often also time-intensive. RPA can drastically reduce the amount of time these tasks take away from employees.

Tasks with readable data

To optimize initial RPA implementation, tasks with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to digitized text data are an excellent choice for RPA because that data can be used, if required, as part of the RPA process.

Tasks with structured data

Data with defined, searchable categories is ideal for automation. Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools can help bring the efficiency of RPA to unstructured data, but more often than not, those tools won’t be brought into use until an RPA ROI analysis has shown the value of automation. These tasks are repetitive and time-consuming for workers, but they require focus because errors can have a domino effect that throws off analytics and even deliverables.

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