Save considerable money and time while improving operational efficiencies with RPA.

 In Robotic Process Automation

Optimizing staff resources:

Using bots to be more productive allows organizations to maximize their staff resources. If organizations have been forced to reduce staff, automation can pick up some of the slack. If a business is growing, companies can pair bots with humans to maintain levels of service without adding headcount. Also, organizations can gain efficiencies by diverting repetitive, mundane tasks to bots. This allows your company to use their human employees for higher-value work while ensuring faster, error-free processes.

Compliance and data quality/accuracy: Using bots for processes that determine regulatory compliance or require clean data (including across multiple disparate systems) eliminates the potential for human error and ensures accuracy.

Invoicing bots can improve invoice turnaround time by up to 90%. With 90% of the process steps automated in functions like operations management processes, credit and debit card collections and claims. Procurement bots reduce the manual effort normally required for this process by 80%, and improve the average turnaround time for quotes by 70%.

In a recent report Gartner calculated companies that have implemented robotics for these purposes can achieve, on average, 25% to 50% cost savings over traditional manual labor. In real dollars, that’s an ROI of $394,000 for those bots.

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