Our approach to ensuring successful Robotic Process Automation Implementations:

  1. Describe and Document an existing highly repetitive task
  2. Describe and document the task’s work process and its business requirements
  3. User sign-off on the documented requirements to ensure the RPA process delivers what management and users are expecting
  4. Program the robot to that specific work process and its requirements
  5. User acceptance testing

What differentiates Adaptive Growth:

What differentiates Adaptive Growth from other sellers and implementers of RPA? It is the expertise we gained from our 30+ years of experience gathering business requirements for software acquisition and implementation projects. The software projects we implement are successful because we know how business works and most importantly the questions that need to be asked to ensure a successful implementation.

Software projects usually fail to some degree because most sellers use templates from companies like yours they’ve done in the past. If the right questions aren’t asked of users the result upon implementation is “that’s not the way we do our job or the work flow process we use”.

The fact is most companies can rarely describe themselves in terms that will give software technology providers an accurate picture of how a new software system will be expected to satisfy their critical business requirements.

When a company cannot describe how it works and a seller doesn’t know what questions to ask regarding how the business operates, the usability and fitness of the software it acquires will tend to be hit or miss.

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